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South Philadelphia Cancer Patients!

Need help with your laundry while you undergo treatment? 10th Street Laundromat will pickup and do your laundry for free. Please email the laundromat owner Lisa (who will be donating her time and cost) to make a request at Budnick52 at gmail dot com. We're looking to help people in the nearby local community during their difficult times with cancer.

Offer limited to Cancer Patients
in our same Zip code: 19147

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25% off Wash & Fold Coupon

Download and Print our Coupon for 25% off Wash & Fold (that's $1/lb. with this presented coupon with your order!) All we need is your email address, and they're good until September 30th!


10th Street Laundromat introduces our All New

Wash & Fold Loyalty Program!

Get your card today! Your 11th Wash & Fold is Free with your completed punchcard! Another great reason to do all your laundry at 10th Street!

It's time for Spring Cleaning!

The warm weather tells you it's time to clean out the Summer Storage and get ready for another glorious summer season here in Philadelphia. Now's a great time to bring in your heaps of winter comforters and blankets for a wash and fold before storage!

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all small washers on Tue / Wed / Thu

(usually $2.50)